Bioluminescent Bay – The Most Romantic Place in Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is the great place to enjoy your vacation thoroughly. There are many stunning places to see with this tourist destination. Puerto Rico is an excellent place for those who prefer sun and warm climatic condition. The place is with 80 degree temperature all around the year and the people can enjoy excellent and relaxing sunbathing. There are many cultural activities and festivals will always take place in this Caribbean island.
The island is famous for nighttime activities and the night life in Puerto Rico is something like greeting the vacationers. There are plenty of clubs to enjoy night life in this enchanting island and most of them were located in beach front and throughout the city with Raggaeton music with open dancing floor.  The island is also meant for golf courses and there are selectively 15 golf courses which are highly equipped with quality equipments that cannot be seen in any other countries around the world. The tourist destination is also encouraging sports activities like tennis, hiking, and surfing which are also greatest way to have fun in Puerto Rico. Apart from sports and cultural activities, Puerto Rico has many great shopping malls and people can get very unique items from the mall. Plaza las America is one of the largest shopping mall in Puerto Rico.

Bioluminescent Bay

One distinctive and very romantic spot is Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico (more information at This place is a kind of incredible night treat for visitors. The water in bay glow with blue, white, and green color in night time and this is caused by small micro-organisms called Dinoflagellates which is the great visual treat that can be seen throughout the year. The bay is located at La Parguera and will take 20 minutes ride from main marina. It is suggested that tourist should not miss this supernatural experience while visiting Puerto Rico.