Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA

Forsyth park Savannah GAEvery city or state has a set of must see place for tourist and travelers to visit. The Savannah, GA is a district that has lot of historical importance. This state is studded with lots of place of historical importance providing an insight of how things were there back then. Among the must see places in Savannah, GA the city market, the historically important church, restaurants and museums the Forsyth Park is important. The park is famous for its natural grandeur. The architectural marvelousness and the way the park has been structured make it look beautiful. The park is developed in an area of about 30 acre land. The Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA has a perimeter of about 1 mile and is situated on the north of Gaston Street.

The north end of the park consists of a famous and beautiful fountain made of cast iron. This fountain is one of the main spot of attraction in the park. This fountain was erected more than centuries ago. The famous fountain made of the cast iron was designed to resemble the famous grand fountain in Paris. The exact replica of the fountain at the northern part of the park is present in Cuzco, Peru. This park has lots of monuments and other replicas placed to the park in honor of the soldiers and the marine cops who have served the nation in wars. This is a place that is a common point for visit and get together for outdoor enthusiast. The other special feature of the park is that, it is open all round the year. This makes it beneficial for the public to frequent this park and also encounter other Savannah GA attractions from SavannAHH!. This park is one of the must visit place for the tourist who come for the first time to Savannah, GA. There are lots of space and place for people to play tennis, basketball, frisbee and soccer.